10 Lies About Making Money At Home

November 27, 2009 by Chuck | 0 Comments

Business Pundit takes on the “10 Insidious Lies about the Internet Lifestyle”, though there’s an important disclaimer at the end.

Here are the “lies” they enumerate with my comments:

1. “The Internet” Can Make You Money
The Internet is just a medium. It can connect you with a customer allowing you to make money, just like a storefront. But, by itself, it doesn’t make money. You have to do something productive.

2. Anyone Can Do It
Anyone who is willing to learn and invest time and money can probably do it. Even a stopped clock works twice a day. But if “anyone” means someone who thinks they can make money just reading articles without acting, then, no.

3. Make Money While You Sleep
If you have a business that runs while you sleep, i.e. websites, you can make money while you sleep. But to keep making money while you sleep you need to keep the system going while you’re awake.

4. Internet Work Provides Total Freedom
Every system needs to be maintained and that requires work… yours or overseeing someone else’s.

5. Expensive Books and Courses Have All The Answers
Book can give you ideas, but in the end you have to do something and test things yourself and learn through what works for you.

6. It’ll Improve Your Dating Life
Being happily married but seeing the spam I have to delete, I know people say this about everything! And so they’ll say it about this too!

7. You’ll have more family time
Well hopefully. But if you’re a workaholic anyway, having a web business will just keep you being a workaholic. That’ll mean no family time.

8. There’s Only One Way to “Really” Make Money Online
There are many ways to make money on the Internet… it depends on what works best for you.

9. One Successful Income Stream Means You’re Set
Just because you make good money selling something for the holidays online, it doesn’t mean those sales will persist or that they’ll repeat next year. The more you rely on one website, one strategy, or one product to make you money, the more you are likely to fail. Enjoy the success. Look for ways to multiply it.

10. Nobody Really Lives the Internet Lifestyle
Well, some do… read the rest of the article to get their take…

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