Will Your Book Sell? A Free Way To Know

October 31, 2009 by Chuck | 0 Comments

This is another one of hundreds of free marketing ideas by Markus Allen and it’s a winner!

I remember laying in bed one night. I’d decided to write the book that was going to make me crazy rich. I had inside knowledge of a field, I could really help people negotiate the insane hurdles of an entrenched bureaucracy, I could put the book together fast.

I got it ready for publication and – to this day it’s never sold a single copy! Ouch!

Could I have been spared my delusions?

Could I have looked at historic trends about what DOES sell?

Could I have tweaked my content to address a better audience?

Could I have actually sold a copy by now?

Perhaps so!

And right now the service that let’s me learn such things is absolutely free!

The service is Title Z

This tip, plus hundreds more, plus new information added weekly make Markus Allen’s site  a top destination for learning work at home marketing tips. It’s all free for 17 days! Then their normal price kicks in! But in 17 days you could learn alot!

Want more info on how to get improve your Work At Home business results? Click here: 17 Days Instant Free Access

Note: Work At Home Business Opportunities is an affiliate for this website should you decide to purchase after the free offer expires.

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