Using Twitter For Power Referrals

October 8, 2009 by Chuck | 0 Comments

You have a business target in mind. You know that if you can meet Person X, you can likely do some business. But this person seems completely unreachable through ordinary means. The corporate voice mail tree sends you exactly where it’s designed to send you – to voice mail hell.

If you could connect someway and at least get to a “yes” or “no”, life would be much easier. You’d stop daydreaming about the big sale and at least get back into reality.

So how could you contact this person? Think Twitter! Here’s what the New York Times has to say: Uncovering Connections on Twitter Could Become Big Business

It’s an interesting thought for sales people seeking a new way of getting real world referrals in the Web 2.0… in the world of Facebook and Twitter, making contact with your real prospects is possibly easier than ever.

How could this help your business?

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