How to Write Articles Quickly

August 30, 2009 by Chuck | 1 Comment

Do you need to write an article quickly? Have you tried going to the article directories only to find articles on your topic that are pathetically short and somewhat embarrassing to reprint?

Here’s a suggestion. Go to an Article Directory like and see some articles in the field you’re looking at.

Because many are rather pathetic, I often find I don’t want to republish them. But when I look at 5 or 10 such articles, I find that each may have at least one good idea.

So what to do?

1. Make notes on what you find helpful and
2. Write your own articles!

Use your own words and then use what you found as inspiration for a GOOD article instead of those articles that are so skimpy. This way you can be proud of the article.

But how do you tell a GOOD article? There is a way to search this key article directory for articles with the most views for your keywords by using some advanced Google Syntax.

That exact search syntax is available as part of a free report you can sign up for here. You can listen to the audio on how to do this, or just type the special syntax into Google with the keyword or phrase you’re seeking!

Note: If you have absolutely NO time, you can use a software tool to make life easier. Use this form to find out about the tool I have personally used and recommend:

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