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June 6, 2009 by Chuck | 0 Comments

I wrote the other day about how to create Instant Video Websites using You Tube.

I’ve messed around with it enough to know

1) I like it
2) It’s worth doing
3) It’s not QUITE as instant as it sounds
4) But still worth it I believe.

Here’s what I have found.

A) When you buy the software “Instant Video Sites” you want to download and actually READ the “Read Me” file! You men like me who don’t read directions well will want to be sure to read these.

B) By reading that you’ll find one how to upload the basic template onto your web hosting.

C) But the read me file tells how to put in your own Google Adsense information and other advertising links.

D) I was running into problems trying to make this jibe with an existing style sheet. It would have been faster to put it by itself on it’s own domain.

E)If you’re going to do that, you want to do some keyword reasearch on possible video niches to guesstimate what would bring you good traffic and create sub pages for the site. You can have MANY different subpages, all with a unique key word.

But overall, I think “Instant Video Sites” is a great tool for you to consider!

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