Publishing Your First Book On Kindle Is Easier Than You Might Think

March 10, 2009 by Chuck | 0 Comments

Publishing your first book on Kindle is easier than you might think!

How do I know? I published my first book on Kindle last night in just a few hours and it was easier than I thought.

Of course most of the books on Kindle are from traditional publishers. These Kindle books are just the electronic version of a traditional book being sold digitally. I skipped that step. Why publish in the traditional format unless I’m 100% sure there’s a viable audience. I know what’s selling on Kindle in general and I commissioned  abook in one of those categories. If it sells there, others will probably want the book – especially if I minimize my risk by using “publishing on demand”.

But what if I only sell a few copies of this digital book per month and never want to sell a traditional version? Well, then I just pocket the profits and move on to the next project.

I’ve been networking with another small Kindle publisher who is bringing in $500 per month (did you think I was going to say “millions”?) after just working it some and then forgetting it while working on other projects. Suddenly it’s gotten his attention. Once I see what works best for me, I’ll focus on that.

Though I keep only a percentage, the rest is well spent on putting Amazon’s vast traffic and superior marketing expertise to work for me.  All the discounting you see on Amazon comes out of their cut – not the publisher’s.

Here’s how to get some free tips about becoming a Kindle Publisher

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