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  • Tips for Publishing on Kindle

    I published a test book on Kindle last night. It was one I bought reprint rights for. I published a second one that I personally wrote today. Sure, it’s easy to publish Private Label Rights books on Kindle and hopefully make some money, but the problem is that too many people are putting up the [...]

  • Moody’s Bottom Rung

    Moody’s is a bond rating outfit. Their ratings determine the relative ability of companies to repay debt. In common parlance, whether the company’s bonds are “junk” and, if junk, “how bad”? This is their bottom tier of companies. These are the ones looking shaky in other words. If they’re headed by entrepreneurs, they could make [...]

  • Kauffman Foundation Promotes Young Entrepreneurs

    The Kauffman foundation helps encourage today’s generation of young entrepreneurs. Through activities like EntrepreneurshipWeek USA, the foundation helped focus the nations attention on entrepreneurship among folks soon to enter the “labor force” with the challenge to dream big – and then work to tackle that dream. The goal behind the foundation’s attention on young entrepreneurship [...]

  • Publishing Your First Book On Kindle Is Easier Than You Might Think

    Publishing your first book on Kindle is easier than you might think! How do I know? I published my first book on Kindle last night in just a few hours and it was easier than I thought. Of course most of the books on Kindle are from traditional publishers. These Kindle books are just the [...]

  • I Think I Called This Guy! (Dilbert!)

    I actually think I called this guy! (click the image to see it full sized!)