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  • Mystery Shopping Scam Still Going Strong – Beware!

    A while back I reported on this Mystery Shopping Scam. I received a report from another VICTIM today! I also received a checked from Canada, but the paper that came with it had a Delaware address on it. I spoke with a person named Paul Williams and told me to deposit the check of $1970.50 [...]

  • How To Boost Your WiFi Signal Strength For “Free”

    If you have a wi-fi router at your home off office and you want to boost your WiFi Signal strength for free, it pays to first check out this video and see if you can do it for free at home using a cardboard box and aluminum foil. Warning: you may be confused with people [...]

  • Is Markus Allen The Most Negative Guy Around Or What?

    I guess ol’ Markus did his own mystery shopping one day and got on some online marketing chat anonymously. He had a chance to talk and asked people what they thought about “Markus Allen” (himself). Well, one guy piped up and said “THAT MARKUS ALLEN IS THE MOST NEGATIVE GUY I’VE EVER HEARD!” I guess [...]

  • Free Report – How To Cut Your Grocery Budget In HALF!

    Hillbilly Housewife has a great free report called How To Cut Your Grocery Budget in Half! You can also sign up for a Free Meal Planning Guide too!

  • Using Twitter to Promote Your Online Store

    When you use Twitter, you don’t want to spam people with all your junk. Twitter is about relationships and word of mouth. But here’s an ebay store that sells one of my favorite things… MOLESKINE notebooks. With something like Moleskine, it’s possible (hopefully) to send out messages worthy of word of mouth and not just [...]

  • Using Classified Ad Sites For Do It Yourself Auctions

    Google Documents has a great new feature – free web forms. They are pretty cool. In fact, they allow you to create – do it yourself, no fee auctions! Here’s an example of how that was done for a local seller on a popular classified ad website. Because it’s local, people can actually see the [...]

  • Tweetizen Create an Instant Twitter Community on your Website

    Tweetizen Create an Instant Twitter Community on your Website What I like best about Tweetizen is that it’s a way to add instant community to your website. To do that, you would simply create a custom hashtag or simply select relevant keywords or people, create a widget (or multiple widgets), and embed it onto your [...]

  • Free Viral Twitter Following System, No Optin Required!

    If you are using twitter, you will definitely want to use the free following system out. It costs nothing ever, and even comes with 3 free gifts just for using it. It will grow your followers on twitter automatically for you once you start the system. Its free, its cool, and it works. People love [...]

  • Here’s an unhappy customer…

    You can see the full explanation here… please give them a visit! Evidently a customer needed some revenge!

  • Making Fun of CEO’s & Scandal for Marketing Purposes!

    Since CEO’s and Scandals are in the news today, the Air Carrier JET BLUE is making the most of it with these funny videos. If you need a conversation starter in your marketing, then tapping into the news of the day is a good way to start talking to people you may have nothing else [...]