What Is A Good Home Business To Start?

February 9, 2009 by Chuck | 2 Comments

People ask the question “what is a good home business to start” as if there were a treasure map with “x marks the spot” listed on it. Find that “x” and you’ve got a home business. Well, often the “x” is on the tip of your nose!

Your best choice is a business is one that flowers from your loves and interests. It’s something you can be passionate about… where the “work” doesn’t feel like “work”. Here’s a site with a variety of thought provoking options for you. It lets you hear a variety of people who are now working at home because they went with their strengths and passions instead of buying a “pre packaged” home business kit or some such thing. Unless that prepackaged business fits in with your matrix of skills/interests/passions.

Entrepreneur.com has lots of good ideas. I try to have a few here from time to time too (hint hint).

Should you take special training? Well that depends. You may not need any at all. Some fields like home medical transcription do require specialized training. Just make sure the school you choose has real graduates who really go to work in the field. Ask to talk to them in person.

But if your home based work is an extension of your previous training, it may not be required.

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