The Truth About Six Pack Abs – A Review

December 18, 2008 by Chuck | 0 Comments

truthaboutsixpackabsWhat’s the “Truth About Six Pack Abs” all about really? Is this just another work of “fitness fiction” designed to lure dollars from the obese and unfit… or might it actually work and help produce the intended results of losing belly fat?

Mike Geary, author of the “Truth About Six Pack Abs” writes as a “Certified Nutrition Specialist” and “Certified Personal Trainer” and his statements are quite provocative. Namely, that people wanting “Six Pack Abs” had better do a number of things that seem counter intuitive… like give up so called “health food” because it’s actually nothing more than cleverly disguised JUNK FOOD. The “power bars”, “energy bars” and such only pack on the pounds and create layers of new belly fat. While on that note he also says that people seeking the “Truth About Six Pack Abs” might as well FORGET those so-called “fat burning pills”. They don’t work!

With rhetoric sure to anger some, he decries all the specialized “Ab belts, ab-rockers, ab-loungers, and other infomercial ab-gimmicks” as a complete waste of time. Should you do 10,000 situps instead? No. And neither will pure and exhausting cardio workouts do the trick either if you want to know the “Truth about Six Pack Abs” Geary claims.

In fact there IS no “one size fits all” course of action for creating “Six Pack Abs” truth be told. The path even varies slightly for men and women. Geary outlines a reasonable course of action using natural – readily available foods – and a training regime that goes to no extremes in the area of cardio work or abdominal calisthenics to help clients find for themselves the “Truth about Six Pack Abs”.

The “Truth About Six Pack Abs” is reasonably priced already, but from time to time the author offers lower special prices. Many will find it’s advise responsible and helpful when it comes to losing belly fat.

By way of disclaimer I don’t have “Six Pack Abs” myself – more like the curvature of a barrel!

Learn more about the “Truth About Six Pack Abs” here.

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