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December 11, 2008 by Chuck | 0 Comments

If you’re trying to monetize your wordpress blogs and diversify your income streams, then Chitika has a new plugin for you.

They had one out for a while, but I figured I’d let them work the bugs out before passing along the download link.

Worried about running Chitika ads on a page with Google Adsense?

Here’s some Frequently Asked Questions Chitika gets:

How Does Chitika | Premium Run with AdSense?

* About 99% of our 30,000+ publishers run Chitika | Premium ads on the same page as Google AdSense.
This does not violate Google’s terms for a couple reasons:
* Chitika | Premium ads are NOT contextual – there is no content-sensing happening whatsoever. Our ads are targeted to the term your visitor originally entered into the search engine.
* Besides, Google updated their terms in Feb. of 2007 to allow competing ad companies to run on the same page, as long as they look different from AdSense. Our ads look very different with our use of images and tabs.
* For further confirmation, do feel free to contact your Google AdSense rep.

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