The Fake Capitalists Have Taken Over

October 13, 2008 by Chuck | 0 Comments

Does it bother anyone that we’re nationalizing the banks and putting our nations “Full Faith and Credit” behind the same money addicted idiots who 1) rather than spending their millions in lobbying dollars to tell Congress their Community Reinvestment Act was severely flawed and 2) decided to get fat off easy loans instead? That’s like giving your car keys to a drunk driver and asking him or her to take you for a spin. But it’s what passes for “capitalism”. We operate as socialists (or technically fascists because the business owners still control things in name) and then when the house of cards caves in, we blame it on capitalism and “deregulation” instead of stupid facist regulation that was followed to a “T”.

At least someone is saying the “Emperor has no clothes”!

The Fake Capitalists Have Taken Over

Despite the Left’s desperate attempts to blame the evils of capitalism for the current financial crisis, its fundamental, underlying cause is actually insufficient capitalism. What we have seen is the triumph of the risk-averse, erroneously labelled as capitalists.

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