Recycling Booms As Americans Seek Cash

August 6, 2008 by Chuck | 0 Comments

Middle America is now starting to pick up those aluminum cans

As I said before, I’d started saving aluminum cans to teach the kids something about money… @ $125 worth were cashed in recently.

I’d say that was a good lesson.

Lots more nationwide are doing that to offset fuel prices because you know who wants everybody living in the cities riding mass transit.

There’s some dude around here who drives an old school bus. Except just behind the driver’s compartment the seats are removed and the bus’ cab has been cut off so that it’s like a huge pick up truck.

Undoubtedly he’s received his share of stares and laughs at his funny ride. You can see it from time to time loaded with scrap cars.

Nowadays though, people are wondering: “how can I get some of that?”

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