Aluminum Cans & The Economy

July 25, 2008 by Chuck | 0 Comments

This struck me as strange. A year or so ago (I don’t recall, I haven’t been monitoring this) we’d saved up some aluminum cans. Bunches. I decided to recycle them. The price was 47 cents per pound.

Today my wife got sick of about a zillion cans we’ve built up. She stopped by a local recycler. They’re paying 70 cents per pound of cans! That’s almost 50% more.

Wow… what an increase!

I know most people wanting to start an internet business are too “professional” to pick up cans to generate some quick cash, but if you have cans you’ve been throwing away, you’ve been tossing about 1.5 cents per can down the drain.

I had done this as a short term project with my kids to teach them about the value of money, but after a while my wife decided she hated throwing away the money too!

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