Bookkeeping Express Franchise Offers an Opportunity to Work at Home and Be Your Own Boss

June 30, 2008 by Chuck | 0 Comments

This is from a press release but because it’s a work at home franchise, I’m passing it along. As always with all posts, whether stated or not, you should do your own due diligence!!! $20,000 sound extremely high to me, but maybe you’ll find it to be a fair price once you look under the hood.

Bookkeeping Express ( has launched a national franchising system which makes it easy to work at home. With a Bookkeeping Express franchise and a standard home office set-up, a bookkeeper can become a business owner. The initial franchise fee is $20,000.

“Bookkeeping Express is set up to operate as a virtual business,” says CEO Greg Jones. “In developing our franchise system, we are taking advantage of the Internet and the latest technology to develop this home-based business concept. Plus, with gas prices on the rise, the timing couldn’t be better to start a home-based business.”

“We have an Intranet set up for all franchisees to communicate with each other and with the corporate office. All of our forms and materials are available online, including a list of potential vendors and other resources.”

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