Kosher Foods Booming

April 1, 2008 by Chuck | 0 Comments

If you’re thinking of starting a food related catering business from home or a small storefront, the Kosher food industry is booming.

At a local donut shop operated by a Jewish couple I heard a lady come in and say she was patronizing the store because she wanted to buy some “holy food”.

I prefer Hebrew National  hotdogs myself, but I’m not about to call them particularly “holy” in the sense she seemed to be attributing to them, i.e. “magical”, but there IS the perception that kosher food is at least prepared to a higher standard than ordinary food and that it has the potential to be healthy without reaching the fanatic extremes of being “vegan” or so “organic” everything tastes like sawdust.

I was gratified also to learn that even Oreos ™ are kosher… but that does away with some of my illusions about kosher food being “healthier”!

But anyway, if you’re looking for a market niche for your work at home catering or food preparation business, maybe kosher is that niche?

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