Air Force To Wall Street: Invest In Coal Conversion

March 24, 2008 by Chuck | 0 Comments

Since gas prices seem to remain high, even when ordinary consumers are using less defying free market theory (which only holds if the market is free by the way, that increasingly leaves ours out) consumers are at the end of their rope. Using less hasn’t worked.

The price of gas has been spread through the entire economy stretching everyone’s budget.

Regulators (read POLITICIANS) who might do something to increase the supplies in a number of ways – more refineries, more offshore and Alaskan drilling, etc. only promise to do something in the FUTURE whenever that might be (they’ve had a generation since we knew there was a problem – but why rush?).

Consumers are about at the point where they believe nobody actually listens to them or cares what they say. We’re the dog, they’re the ticks who keep sucking us dry, and they see no need to change things. Or if they do listen, it’s only to come up with some campaign promise that won’t be kept.

It’s just a matter of time before something breaks and someone forces themselves to be heard. And that’s not always pretty.

Well, someone with guns and a track record of using them is finally telling Big Oil to get a clue and DO SOMETHING about being dependent on our enemies for our oil supply.

No, it wasn’t Rambo or Walker, Texas Ranger, or even a crazed Soccer Mom driven to distraction with a menacing super soaker water gun… it was just the Air Force but maybe someone will still listen. They’re not threatening violence yet. They’re offering financial incentives. The only threat about guns right now is that unless something is done, the Air Force won’t be able to USE their guns to defend us.

Air Force to Wall Street: Invest in coal conversion

At least military people are smart enough to know that at some point our enemies are, well, our enemies, and paying them billions and billions of dollars can’t be that smart. It only makes them rich, not friendly.

So they’re willing to do a joint venture with private investors to create what they hope will be a nationwide network of coal conversion plants.

And unlike the do-nothings on Capital Hill, the Air Force has concluded that coal is the way to go.

They may be wrong about coal. It’s hard to say. But unlike our “fearless leaders” in Washington, the Air Force has at least have experience making strategic decisions, implementing plans, and actually doing something useful from time to time.

So I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt.

To entice investors, the Air Force is offering 700 acres of land and saying … “We’re paying outrageous prices to our enemies for oil… why not pay outrageous prices back into our own economy?”

Maybe they’re one consumer who’ll have some clout.

The rest of us seem to go unheard.

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