Following Up Internet Leads By Phone

March 13, 2008 by Chuck | 0 Comments

I got this call out of the blue today saying I had “responded to our website seeking business information and we are calling to set up your free interview.”

My questions to the caller went something like this…


“You’re WHO?”

“When did I supposedly ask for this information?”

Frankly, I don’t remember asking for it. But they got my number somehow.

I wonder if it were years ago frankly due to the nature of the call… but then again they had no idea when I supposedly requested the information.

In the world of a million-jillion online forms and free information offers, you had better call fast because most customers -however well intended – won’t remember you!

I know this because I DON’T routinely give out phone numbers for a free offer. If I did really request this and they weren’t just buying a list, I must have thought it was interesting – ONCE…

But no time recently.

So if you’re using the net to follow up leads, do it quickly.

If you’re buying internet leads and because of phone fright let them sit too long, they become worthless fast. You’re better off doing some other marketing system if call reluctance is your woe.

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