10 Worst States For Job Hunting

February 27, 2008 by Chuck | 1 Comment

Career Builder has a list of the top 10 worst states for job hunting. The data is public information compiled from the Bureau of Labor Statistics in January.

All the states listed had unemployment rates ranging from 5.7% and above to over 7% for Michigan.

But I wonder what all 50 states look like… Pockets of every state can be this bad or worse. As gas is projected to go to $4 per gallon in the Spring, I’m not sure anywhere will seem like a “great place” for job hunting.

People will be looking for legitimate business opportunities and money saving opportunities and the scammers will be out in full force.

1. Michigan

2. Mississippi

3. South Carolina

4. Alaska

5. California

6. District of Columbia

7. Ohio

8. Arkansas

9. Nevada

10. Kentucky

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