Are You Ready For The Peer To Peer Economy?

February 25, 2008 by Chuck | 1 Comment

The Globe and Mail has a thought provoking article on the “next big thing”… the Peer to Peer economy.

Get set for the P2P Economy. What sideswiped music companies, Hollywood studios and newspaper companies could soon strike you, as individuals both consume and create content in peer-to-peer sharing that undercuts traditional industries.

Online expert Stan Stainaker says P2P is already being felt in financial services, as websites like extend microcredit, and can be expected to hit energy and other industries.

Of course, we already see how peer to peer is affecting finance… Zopa and Prosper are peer to peer lending networks.

We’ve seen this a bit in the financial sector before in the paradigm shift that took place after the popularization of the mutual fund. Suddenly people without $100,000 to create a diversified portfolio can invest in the stock market with professional management to boot.

With Zopa, people can become lenders without having to go through a bank to do so (via savings accounts and CD’s).  There is the potential to earn better interest. The agency that facilitates the transaction gets their cut of course, i.e. Zopa.

It’s a much smaller cut than a bank of course but still is worth billions potentially.

The P 2 P economy is about disintermediation in other words.

Or perhaps that’s democratization… Anyone can post a video on YouTube but perhaps now the capital that once was reserved for “Hollywood” productions may be free to gravitate to artists who, at first, could only promote themselves on YouTube.

Like most economic articles…there’s absolutely NO practical advice on how to make money from it, but what did we expect?

So let’s brainstorm this ourselves.

How can you make money in the P2P economy? Any ideas come to mind?

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  • Zachary Alexander on February 26th, 2008 at 3:55 pm

    Chuck and Dane,

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