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  • Telework measure clears workforce subcommittee

    From Government Executive The House Oversight and Government Reform Federal Workforce Subcommittee on Thursday passed legislation aimed at increasing chances for federal employees to telecommute. The Telework Improvement Act of 2007 (H.R. 4106) passed 3-0 on a voice-vote at a sparsely attended hearing. The bill requires that all federal agencies create telework polices and develop [...]

  • Wanted: Real Estate Investors Who Want To Toot Their Own Horn!

    Getting published in a book is a good way to market. If you have your own “made money in real estate story”, here’s someone seeking your input: Stories of MAKING MONEY AS A REAL ESTATE INVESTOR needed. If you buy, rehab, and sell or lease single family or multifamily properties and make good money doing [...]

  • 100 Women Who Care

    100 Women Who Care chapters sound like a great way for women entrepreneurs to get together locally in a context where they can not only network but also help the community. Just a thought. An open Letter from Karen F. Dunigan 100(+) Women Who Care Founder It started with Baby Beds. Who would have ever thought [...]

  • When Marketing Messages Offend

    Just in time for lunch in the Central Time Zone, we have this case of a marketing message gone awry because it’s offensive. The chain in question is Sheetz, a gasoline-convenience store operation with operations in South Central Pennsylvania and the surrounding region. Unfortunately offensive words are so commonplace (count the number of “F bombs” [...]

  • Happy Leap Day!

    I’ve been so busy I almost forgot to wish you Happy Leap Day. I have no idea what you’re supposed to do on this day, so McDonald’s suggests buying a Medium or Large drink for breakfast so they can give you one of their new breakfast burritos. Usually it’s “Buy X, get a drink free”. [...]

  • LogoCreator From LaughingBird Software Creates Great Logos!

    This is a sponsored post. One of the things that “makes” or “breaks” a website designed to sell online is the graphics. Sure, your keywords and content are important for getting search engine traffic, but once people find their way to your page, what signals to them “for real” is the graphics on the page [...]

  • Will Marketers Get Frugal With Google?

    Google stock took a tumble because people aren’t clicking on as many ads these days.  eMarketer has a good article on this topic. Actually, nobody’s sure what’s really going on, but the stock market responds short term to rumor as much as reality. Google is still the best at protecting advertisers against accidental clicks and [...]

  • Joel Kotkin: A Tale Of Two States – Ohio and Texas

    It’s important to read Kotkin’s “Tale of Two States”. This is not for lack of trying. Ohio and its cities have worked to lure jobs through tax abatements and downtown development projects. Cleveland, in particular, has tried to sell itself as a “comeback city” and has developed a gentrified Potemkin village, but in 2004 it [...]

  • How Scammers Use Work At Home Job Ads

    This is apparently a job posting in the name of a legitimate company called “Ashley Furniture” There is good reason to believe it to be a scam however. Some have reported it’s a scam run by a Nigerian ring. How could you tell this from the ad? What should alert you before you respond? One [...]

  • Wanted: Dog Expert On has new openings at any given time… you just have to keep checking. Here’s there request for a “Dog” guide. Best thing about being a guide… they pay $725 a month MINIMUM for the job. You’re actually based on percentage of revenue, so it could be much more., a subsidiary of the New [...]