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  • Connecting With Publishers

    Do you want to connect with publishers? Send press releases? Get the word out to the paper and ink world? Here’s your slightly bizarre website for doing just that: It’s the EVERYONE WHO’S ANYONE IN ADULT TRADE PUBLISHING, NEWSPAPERS, MAGAZINES, BROADCASTING AND TINSELTOWN, TOO: A Writer’s Guide to The All-Pervasive Propaganda Network Last Edition, 2008 [...]

  • Never Underestimate the Stupidity of the American Public

    Was it P.T. Barnum that said something like that about people paying good money to see bearded ladies? It could also be applied as well today. I thought everyone realized that supposed emails from the IRS were all bogus, but no. A lady asked me to help her get her “online refund”. I showed her [...]

  • NFL Helps Locals Women and Minority Owned Businesses Score Super Bowl Business

    I wondered if any of these caterers was a home based business when I saw the headline about this program. If you live in a city with an NFL franchise, maybe there’s other help to be found? NFL Helps Locals Women and Minority Owned Businesses Score Super Bowl Business  The food is courtesy of local [...]

  • Secret Product Sources – Books You Can Sell

    You never know where you’ll find “Secret Product Sources” to launch or accelerate your businesses’ momentum. Here’s one opportunity I came across and am happy to share with you… via Dan Poynter. Maybe YOU can be their “remainder outlet”. OVERSTOCK BOOKS. After 11 years in book publishing I will retire the end of this year [...]

  • Have A Good Story About Empowering Women?

    As I’ve mentioned before, the fastest, cheapest and easiest way to get published is to have another author tell your story. Have them put your contact information in an end note or your website in the story. Here’s an author seeking stories about empowering women via Dan P0ynter: Stories of empowerment needed. I’m looking for [...]

  • The Woes Of Free Lance Web Site Design

    I blogged the other day about having a customer ask me to design his business site. It started out “I need this urgently”. So I got right on it. Now I’m ready for more data from the business owner, but, as you may have guessed, small business owners are frequently detained by “new” urgencies! I’m [...]

  • Alpine Access Expanding – Hires New VP

    The work at home call center jobs are growing by leaps and bounds. Alpine Access will be hiring 5000 new home based workers on top of the 7,500 they already employ! Wow. Their goal is to increase employee satisfaction and retention while nearly doubling their workforce. Unlike many work at home positions, Alpine Access pays [...]

  • A Question About Angel Food Ministries

    As you know last October I built a Squidoo Lens on Angel Food Ministries to help people save money on monthly groceries. It hasn’t made me a million bucks but if every page you built made money like this one did, then you’d probably be happy enough. Then IF every page you built did this [...]