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10 P.R. Resolutions for a Great 2008
1. I will summarize the Unique Selling Proposition (USP) of my business or organization, making sure it works in the current economic environment.

2. I will create/revise an effective 30-second introduction when meeting new business associates.

3. I will set up at least two meetings per month with people who inspire and motivate me.

4. I will research and participate in a charity activity, or increase my involvement in an existing one.

5. I will always carry my business cards (even when I go to the gym). And I’ll also ask my spouse (or significant other) to carry my business cards — so he/she can give my card to his/her contacts or can help me out if I run out of them.

6. I will write at least one guest column, or obtain at least one speaking opportunity per quarter to promote my business.

7. I will apply for at least one award to promote myself and my business.

8. I will review my Web site and marketing materials often, at least once a month, to determine the need for updates.

9. I will create a contact strategy so that I am communicating with customers, prospects and associates at least once a month – through newsletters, calls, direct mail, etc.

10. I will search out ongoing publicity opportunities to positively promote my business or organization.

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