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  • Caroline County Offers Work Space For County Residents Wishing To Telecommute

    This is an excellent way for County governments to help their residents telecommute. It can be a great way for rural counties to attract residents who can bring high income jobs to these counties. From Starting Friday, Caroline County residents wishing to telecommute to work can do so from the Community Services Center. Every [...]

  • – The Website For Indian Women Working From Home is the Website For Indian Women Working From Home Here’s the creator’s bio: Ms. Nirmal Mirza CEO. From a background of twenty successful years in textiles and home furnishing exports, Ms.Mirza took on the reigns of and has succeeded in making it India’s number one women’s portal. Her favorite quote “See how you [...]

  • Rum Cake Is The Recipe For This Home Business

    From the Statesman Journal Salem OR Storey works, in her own home, baking and selling a line of seven varieties of rum cakes and one whiskey cake. In her spotless, bone-white kitchen, humming along to the monastic music, she creates up to 5,000 cakes a year. Storey’s business venture has been nearly 20 years in [...]

  • Ever thought of starting your own Internet Talk Show?

    I saw this announcement of a new Internet Talk Show. If you did an “Internet Talk Show”, whose to know you’re just working from home? I have a friend in the radio business  with his own studio in his basement.  This one airs from a YWCA near Nashville TN. It’s certainly no “Burbank, CA studio”! [...]

  • A Franchise That Really Delivers! Voucher Packs (UK)

    Here’s a home based franchise that operates in the UK: Voucher Packs The concept is sound, but you must do your own due diligence. This isn’t a recommendation or endorsement. This type of advertising is similar to Val Pak in the USA. If the offer is good, usually this type of advertising brings results. If [...]

  • Internet Outage Shuts Down India’s Outsourcing Business

    Internet users from Egypt to Bangladesh were affected by Internet outages yesterday greatly affecting India’s outsourcing business. The problem seemed to be a slowdown instead of a complete outage due to some line damage in the Mediterranean. “The biggest impact to the rest of the world could come from the outages across India, where many [...]

  • Associated Content’s Content Producer Of 2007

    She’s a full time work at home mom but finds time to publish online. Pam Gaulin is AC’s 2007 Content Producer of the Year. She is a freelance writer with a bachelor’s degree in journalism and a minor in French from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. Previously, she edited and managed a live K-12 [...]

  • Nursing Goes Telework

    Saw this interesting job post for a Health Plan Nurse… what caught my eye? They can do it through telework after orientation. The job is based in Seattle. Come work for First Choice Health in Seattle-  Make it your First Choice!! $5000 Sign-on Bonus  Teleworking Option   Utilization Management Nurse Come join the growing Medical [...]

  • Can Blogging Reinvigorate Print Journalism?

    Obviously the more local content you can generate the better. Local angle news is what will keep print alive if anything. People have to have something to read to justify the paper and make the ads work. Ads will have to integrate print and online in my opinion. So what do these guys say?  Well [...]

  • 5 Questions To Ask Before You Start Your Blog

    Here’s a good article for any individual or company wanting to blog. How will you know if or when you arrive? From ClickZ They provide the main points my comments are in (parentheses) 1.What will the blog be about? 2. Who will be responsible to do it? 3. How much time will it take? (To [...]