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  • Is Social Security A Ponzi Scheme

    Business Week asks: Is Social Security a Ponzi Scheme? Of course people have made this observation for DECADES, but as in the story of the “Emperor’s New Clothes”, it took someone politically incorrect to shout out the facts so that suddenly everyone recognized the truth. People have been shouting that the “Emperor has no clothes” [...]

  • Will The Economy Grow in 2009?

    Will the economy grow in 2009? Who knows? The MSM has an interest in hyping the “Second Great Depression” message just so that their anointed potentate can use any means necessary to expand government programs of every description and relive the glory days of FDR. But just because the MSM say it doesn’t mean things [...]

  • Nutrition Trends in 2008 and What to Expect in 2009

    Editor’s Note: I asked a friend of mine, Aaron Wilmot to supply some ‘forecasts’. He is a network marketer promoting health and nutrition products. As 2008 comes to a close we look back on several popular terms and trends of the past year. Words like fresh, natural, organic, and local became part of our vocabulary. [...]

  • Musician Finds Following Online

    Working at home and want to use social media? Instead of some hyped up affiliate product promising miracles, check out this true life story from the Wall Street Journal: Musician finds following online. The problem with most people trying to “get rich” using social media is that they have nothing unique to offer. Online media [...]

  • Free Printable Calendars for 2009 – Code HOLLY will save 15% on any order! As 2009 approaches, I’ve wanted to make some calendars for the new year. I didn’t like the templates on my word processor though. Kevin Savitz who specializes in free printable things online was kind enough to send me to his site for Free Printable Calendars! [...]

  • Businesses Use Recognition to Motivate in Lean Times

    Businesses everywhere are facing cash flow issues. You likely heard the news of this Christmas shopping season where businesses just wanted to sell ANYTHING to generate cash flow and stay alive. In this type of environment, motivation can count enormously and a program of corporate recognition and corporate awards may be in order. While sales [...]

  • No Sales Required – How To Make Money Online In Just 2 Weeks

    SUBJECT:Do You Want To Make Money In Just Two Weeks? Hello, I hope you’re ready to hear the “secret” to making guaranteed money online in as little as two weeks without “selling” anything… (And NO – It’s not about “Adsense”!) => The “Secret” Yes, that’s right. In just two weeks from now you can be [...]

  • First Sex Offenders, Now Everybody – Governor Proposes GPS Tracking EVERYONE

    It used to be that only Sex Offenders were tracked by GPS, now Gov. Ted Kulongoski of Oregon wants everybody tracked by GPS and taxed based on how much mileage they put on their vehicle. It’s amazing to see politicians whine and moan about us using oil, but then as people seek alternatives like biodiesel [...]

  • Planning for 2009

    I won’t let the cat out of the bag yet, but I’m planning for 2009 to be a big year. I believe more people than ever will be wanting to have a “Plan B” for generating extra cash… For improving their small business marketing… For taking ideas that work in one field and applying them [...]

  • The Truth About Six Pack Abs – A Review

    What’s the “Truth About Six Pack Abs” all about really? Is this just another work of “fitness fiction” designed to lure dollars from the obese and unfit… or might it actually work and help produce the intended results of losing belly fat? Mike Geary, author of the “Truth About Six Pack Abs” writes as a [...]