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  • Have You Got Your Online Business Going Yet For 2008?

    If you’re looking for a way to make money online, this is perhaps one of the lowest risk offers around. That’s because you can use the software to create as many websites as you like. It also taps into a proven way to make money… ebay affiliate commissions. Using that affiliate program, I’ve earned hundreds [...]

  • What Are Your Business Goals For 2008

    As 2008 draws near, what are your business goals? I succeeded in one of my goals… cut out the non-essential things that were distracting me from “core” business. I identified some strengths I have and got a clearer idea of how to implement them in the online world. I even got started doing that! Hopefully [...]

  • Have A Safe New Year’s Eve!

    Have a safe New Year’s Eve! May all your resolutions prove “doable” (if they’d really be good for you!) We look forward to serving you in 2008!

  • So You Want To Be A Virtual Assistant?

    The article So You Want To Be A Virtual Assistant is well worth reading if being a VA is one of your dreams for 2008. It’s easy to get excited about starting your own business, tell your boss to “take this job and __________________” and strike out on your own. But too many times, this [...]

  • More On Co-Working

    Like an ape with a new banana, I have suddenly seized on the term “Co Working” thanks to my post on Office Nomads and I wanted to learn more. To do that I went to the Co Working Wiki and clicked on a region in the US. I found a place where wannabe co-workers can [...]

  • Office Nomads – Co Working Offices is shared office space for people who’d otherwise work from home or at a coffee shop. But what if you want a place with some office amenities but not lots of cost and you’re sloshing from all the coffee? Then you may like what this fellow has: Marketing consultant Chris Haddad has found a [...]

  • Virtual Call Center Jobs: How Can You Become an At-Home Customer Service Agent?

    By: Melissa Brewer A job with a home-based call center or other virtual employer is an enviable position. It’s important to realize that a desire and ability to work from home is NOT considered a skill by potential employers. Home-based employers are looking for good workers that fit their company’s ideals, values, and goals. Make [...]

  • More Work At Home Jobs Charles Schwab plans big job shift out of San Francisco

    Charles Schwab plans big job shift out of San Francisco. Charles Schwab will move jobs out of San Francisco over the next few years, seeking to reduce its office space here and boost its presence in less expensive places. The company plans to eliminate about 30 percent, or 1,400, of its “seats” in San Francisco [...]

  • Business Opportunity Fraud Flourishes In The New Year

    This article caught my eye but sort of peeved me too: All Business: Business Opportunity Fraud Flourishes In The New Year Selling the promise of riches and then profiting by selling the means to those riches is still a tried-and-true formula. Today, thousands of unscrupulous operators peddle it daily under the broad guise of a [...]

  • Working From Home Can Create A Legal Bind

    From the Times Online UK: Working From Home Can Create A Legal Bind Many home businesses in England operate in a legal twilight zone not knowing whether to continue operating under the radar or to declare themselves and potentially get hit with huge taxes. It’s time for government entities everywhere to clarify the legal situation, [...]