Archive for November 13th, 2007

  • 1800Free411 – A Unique Advertising Plan

    With Google getting into the 411 information business, it’s either a great business idea to copy or not! Whatever you think, I think 1800Free411 is worth knowing about. It lets your business position itself in it’s category and only pay for advertising when a lead calls in directly. That means – for businesses – NO [...]

  • Travel Agents Are Working At Home – And All Hours

    The old retail location for Travel Agents is becoming a thing of the past. While a retail location(s) is useful for reminding people you exist, it’s no longer where agents are working necessarily. Laptops, PDA’s and wireless internet access or other broadband make working as a Travel Agent doable anywhere… and increasingly at all hours. [...]

  • Moms Finding Work Virtually had this interesting article on work at home moms turning to the Virtual Assitant field. They have video on the site if you prefer.  While this mom spends her time creating power point presentations and other office functions, sadly the article doesn’t go into any depth about where she found her customers or if [...]

  • A Cautionary Tale For Self Publishers

    In the internet era, publishing your own book is amazingly easy. So is shooting yourself in the foot. There’s a reason that many people earn a living in the publishing industry and take a cut of the profits from the printing to the bookshelf. And that’s because it’s not as easy as it looks. If [...]

  • Can Economic Trends In Your Region Boost Your Business?

    Want business intelligence about how the geographic regions your potential business could serve are adapting to change? One of the best free sources for that information is the Regional Communities Regional Intelligence blog by Tom Christoffel He provides weekly summaries of what regions are doing to seek prosperity. The problems they address and the issues [...]

  • Niche News Portals Surge

    If you’re addicted to Day Time Soap Operas or have your finger on the pulse of other topics related to finance, real estate or entertainment, the knowledge you take for granted may be valuable intellectual property. Here’s why: traffic to the major news outlets and portals is leveling off. They’re frantically searching for fresh, new [...]

  • America’s Richest Suburbs & You

    Here’s a slideshow of America’s 10 Richest Suburbs from BizJournals This kind of demographic research is good to know. If you have a small or home based business that caters to home owners, the “Acres of Diamonds” you’re looking for as a prospect base might just be down the road if you can determine how [...]