Web 2.0 Tricks For Your Small Business

November 3, 2007 by Chuck | 1 Comment

“Web 2.0″ is all the rage these days.

What’s it about and how can you harness Web 2.0 for your home based or small business?

Web 2.0 lets users generate content on an interactive basis.

Some examples:

1) MySpace
2) Blogs
3) Directories
4) Ratings/Reviews Services
5) YouTube
6) Yahoo! Answers

These attract alot of traffic and can become very popular with users… popular sites with traffic are easier to make money from than dead sites.

It used you be that you’d buy a hosting package and install 10 different open source software packages like WordPress, phpBB, etc and hope they didn’t look too strange all pasted together.

Good luck with that!

Now small niche businesses can harness the attraction of Web 2.0 in their own field of specialization… and create that “raving fan” effect.

A new package from Ken Evoy lets you put this all together to create your own version of these popular sites!

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