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  • Choosing the right home based franchise

    He was facing a layoff – called a “redundancy” in the UK – and had to figure out how to provide for himself after 22 years of being an “employee”. Here’s what he started looking for: 1. A Franchise 2. Brand name in the market 3. Good business owner support 4. No expensive retail location [...]

  • How Not To Be Another “Ebay Slave”

    When you here “eBay” and “money” in the same sentence  you’re probably think of becoming an eBay seller.You place product listings in the eBay marketplace, buyers bid, you pay your  eBay seller fees and what you have left is your profit margin. If you’re like some sellers, you become a virtual ebay slave because you [...]

  • Zopa US Preparing To Launch

    Zopa loans will soon be available in the US with some MAJOR changes that will set it apart in the US marketplace. Zopa pioneered peer to peer lending in the UK. In the US though, they are teaming up with some major credit unions to make sure it’s even better in some respects. Here’s how: [...]

  • Tennessee Supreme Court Expands Workers’ Compensation Coverage To Include Telecommuting

    Here’s an interesting piece of news: The Tennessee Supreme Court Expands Workers’ Compensation Coverage To Include Telecommuting. Basically employers allow telecommuting to save money, improve employee retention, and other benefits that accrue to the business or else they wouldn’t do it.  As such, they can’t withhold worker’s compensation coverage!  I’d bet overall there will be [...]

  • Software Lets You Quickly Build A Niche Store

    “Build A Niche Store” is an easy way to start making money online in a particular niche. Using the instructions with the software you just choose the country you’re going to target (United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia), choose your niche market, get your ebay and other related affiliate code, customize the look of [...]

  • Mortgage Help May Be Available To Home Owners Soon

    If the home that is also your home office is taking a bite thanks to skyrocketing mortgage interest rates on you adjustable mortgage, help may be on the way. Or not. Sounds like there’s lots of paper work that needs to be simplified and one is afraid of “helping” a consumer before everyone agrees the [...]

  • Finding Buyers In A You Tube World

    The Wall Street Journal has a great article on finding buyers through online video. It’s called “Lights! Camera! Sales!” and it’s  a good read. One person they profiled is an artist, but evidently she’s not a starving one! She uses free YouTube videos to sell her products on Ebay to the highest bidder. Her videos [...]

  • Is High Blood Pressure Keeping You In The Cubicle?

    Sometimes people would leave the cubicle if their health allowed. They’re locked in because working for themselves would mean – at first – not having health insurance. As people age, High Blood Pressure is one of those frightening things that creep up on people. Any medication can be super expensive, but I was amazed to [...]

  • The Multi Generation Marketing Challenge

    Marketing across generations is a big challenge. One publishing house that started publishing a “family” magazine in the 70′s now has to publish 5 separate magazines to serve it’s diverse clientele. But even at that there’s a whole new generation of people they’d like to reach but they aren’t. Who are they? The millennials who [...]

  • Telecommuters Save Unique Property

    A quaint property with a combination of historical and sentimental value was saved recently – by a telecommuter. Locals had feared that the hand built stone home would be bulldozed for apartment development by the new owners. Instead a telecommuter whose wife works there locally has bought the home as a personal residence. An employee [...]