Patient Privacy Risks Increase When Health Care Workers Work At Home

October 31, 2007 by Chuck | 0 Comments

This really galls me actually. I will admit that, in theory,  taking work home could increase the risk of a loss of privacy for a patient.

But blabbermouths are a problem wherever… it’s not just a work at home problem.

Yesterday a friend took her niece to court. The girl is 20, had a small speeding ticket but was embarrassed for  her father to hear about it.

But because of the local blabbermouth at the court house, it was all over town in 12 hours flat anyway.

So is working at home really the problem… or are blabbermouths the problem?

Here’s another key problem… exporting health data overseas where privacy laws can’t be enforced AT ALL.

But to save money, they’ll spread rumors about the dangers of home based workers instead of the danger of some transcriptionist in New Delhi not getting paid and putting the medical records on the internet  for revenge. That’s at least as likely in my estimation as the problems described in this article.

See it at AIS Health Business Daily

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