Top 5 Things You Should Never Repair

October 23, 2007 by Chuck | 1 Comment

Technology is to the point where it’s cheaper to “buy new” than to try to repair certain items.

This article was written for consumers but it throws a wrinkle into marketing too. Years ago, people in business made money two ways. In good times they’d sell the product, in lean times they’d make money by repairing the product.

Now, alternative models of earning money from the same client base are important. You might resell used cell phones internationally, assuming you can program them. You really won’t be FIXING them. And if you did fix them the new versions would make them obsolete soon enough anyway. It’s not like we’re talking washing machines any more.

But now that we’re importing washing machine, maybe they’ll be on the list too soon?

Here’s the list… you probably could have guessed it.  And because you might was well just buy new and write it off tax wise, that extended warranty is for the birds too. It’s from SmartMoney

*Digital Cameras
*MP3 Players
*Microwave Ovens
*Cell Phones

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  • danakeith on May 16th, 2008 at 8:19 pm

    Yes, for me I’d rather go for the new one’s. In that way, there’s no regret will arise if ever I had that thing broke, for it was really new when you bought it.. Than to spend money by getting a repaired or re-programed item.. For sure that’ll not last long enough as you expected.

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