My First Kiva Loan Has Been Repaid!

August 6, 2007 by Chuck | 1 Comment

Just got the email today. One of my first loans with was repaid today. That means I can put the money back into circulation through another loan, donate it to Kiva themselves or withdraw the money.

I loaned the money (along with a bunch of other people) and the loan took effect on December 6th. The loan was for 8 months, so it paid off right on time.

I’ve got two other loans that aren’t doing this well at all. Now I know why banks don’t lend to farmers. I’m just hoping to get my money back sometime on those loans. A first hand lesson in lending I suppose. While I don’t want to make money, I didn’t want to lose it either.  The loans that seem to pay back on time are the merchants whose businesses don’t normally get wiped out by bad weather. In addition to the one that’s paid off, I have two other small shops who are paying off well.

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