Van Sized Street Writer Prints Messages, Burns Rubber

July 13, 2007 by Chuck | 0 Comments

Image Courtesy Blogsmithmedia

I had to start a new category for this one: weird! I gotta get one of these babies!

From Endgaget

the StreetWriter project stuffs a computer-controlled industrial spray painting unit into an extended-body cargo van, where it can then roll up to unsuspecting sections of pavement and drop all sorts of textual delight. Granted, the prints can really only be deciphered from tall buildings or low-flying crafts, but we’re sure it needs all eight of those cylinders to skedaddle if caught printing on public property. No word on how long this bad boy’s been rolling about, but be sure and click through to get a closeup of the innards.

Images courtesy Blogsmithmedia

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