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Kung Fu Tai Chi Club is a Kung Fu training center started by Yao Li in Boston. The club started a new Women’s Self Defence class. And to promote the class, they placed ads in the local newspaper.

But it costs them $200 per week to place an ad in the newspaper. And they had to run the ad for 5-6 weeks to book one class full. They had to spend $1200 per class!

They knew there had to be a better way. So Yao Li tried a grass root guerilla marketing approach. Instead of spending money on ads in newspapers, he got a few thousand flyers printed. And then he made an offer to all his students: if they spent two hours distributing 500 of his flyers, they would receive a free session!

Quite a few of his students took Yao up on the offer. And the flyers worked very well. The next Women’s Self Defence class was booked within 2 weeks instead of the 6 weeks newspapers took!

Yao not only cut out his advertising expense, he also tripled his business by leveraging his students to distribute the flyers!

* Barter is a great way to increase business without spending money. What can you give away if your clients bring in more business?

* You could adapt Yao’s idea too. Give away a free session or a discount on your products if people distribute your flyers for you.

* The above case study was first published in
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