5 Ways To Make Money Online For Newbies

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This is from James Jones and it highlights the 5 top ways for new people to make money online.

1. “Create Articles to Promote Affiliate Programs and Collect Regular Commissions”

This is known as article marketing or Bum Marketing as coined by Travis Sago. Travis calls it “Bum Marketing” because he says it’s so simple that you could pick a bum off the street, and have him earning cash in a week. For the rest of us, it’s a low cost, low risk method to get started in internet marketing. The key to this method is to get your article indexed quickly in Google and other search engines. Micro Niche Finder makes this a snap by finding keyword phrases that are ripe for the pickings and easily indexable.

2. “Create Adsense Content Pages that Pay You Residual Ad Revenue”

Here’s another way to profit from your niche keywords: Create targeted web pages and host Adsense ads that pay you residual ad revenue month after month. The hard part is finding under exploted niche markets that you can completely dominate in the search engines. Micro Niche Finder makes finding these little-known niches easy.

3. “Create Niche Market Private Label Rights Packages and Sell these Rights for a Quick Profit.”

Private Label Rights (or PLR) are hot and very profitable. All you have to do is find an overlooked niche market that has a related affiliate product you can link to. Create 10 — 20 articles related to this market and sell limited release private label rights at $50.00 a pop to 20 individual marketers. Make a quick $1000.00.

4. Create Squidoo Lenses and claim your share of the profits generated by the traffic.

Squidoo is the new Authority Site on the Block and Google absolutely loves Squidoo Lenses! Search Google for just about any keyword and you’re likely to find a Squidoo Lens on the first page. And if you don’t… well, that could be an opportunity for you to capture the market.

Two ways you can profit from Squidoo: 1) make money from Squidoo’s built in shared revenue program. 2) link from your Squidoo lens to affiliate products.

5. Create eBay feeder pages and make money when new users register for eBay.

This is one of the best little-known money making opportunities on the internet. Did you know that eBay will pay you up to $25.00 for every new member you send to them? It’s true. It doesn’t matter if they just sign up as a buyer and never actually bid on anything eBay will pay you for every new registered user you send to them.

Registering for eBay is free. So all you have to do is find a popular niche product that people are looking for — that is also being sold on eBay. Create an article about the product and link to the eBay auctions for that product using your eBay affiliate link.

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Note: I believe that #5 is correct except that I recall that a bid IS required within 30 days!

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