Archive for May 7th, 2007

  • offers logo design to help websites look sharp

    One of the things that tells your web visitors that you’re “for real” is having a custom logo. I hate going to a website to transact business because of a pay per click ad or search engine result and finding that the site looks completely amateurish… made by dime a dozen templates and cheap clip [...]

  • Ebay as JV Partner and Traffic Building Resource

    Would you like to get 300 targeted we visitors to your site weekly? How much would this cost “per click” if you were on a publisher’s network? $500? $150? $1.50 sounds pretty good by comparison. But the problem with any tool like ebay is that we see it as an end in itself instead of [...]

  • Earning Performance Bonuses With Associated Content

    Associated Content pays people for writing unique content as well as paying performance bonuses for content that generates page views. Rebecca, shown right, is a popular content producer for Associated Content. Her first bonus payment was $200! She planned to use it to open a Roth IRA. She describes herself as a “Rebecca is a [...]

  • Popcorn Workers Lung Disables Workers

    I’ve heard of “black lung” for coal miners. I know plumbers who worked with lead pipes who got kidney disease. Now there’s “Popcorn Workers Lung” first diagnosed over 2 years ago from a chemical used in microwave popcorn. It produces a deadly permanent bronchitis. Its victims seem confined to those working in the plant that [...]

  • Launches New “Mom” Business Directory

    Need a free listing for your work at home business? Here’s a chance for free advertising on a populare online resource for work at home moms. launches a new “Mom” Business Directory Everyone at Bizymoms believes that all a woman needs to make her home business dream a reality is determination, motivation and a [...]

  • Mobile Workforce Demands Fixed Mobile Convergence

    “Fixed Mobile Convergence” means “the removal of distinctions between fixed and wireless telecommunication networks that create seamless services using a combination of fixed broadband and local access wireless technologies.“  It’s one of the trends behind the ATT-Bell South- SBC- Cingular merger. I suppose we see it most in bundling of services as consumers but it [...]