Economists Track Economy By Border Arrests

May 4, 2007 by Chuck | 0 Comments

Just how do economists keep their jobs? The connections some economists draw truly seem insane and you wonder if they really make sense of if they’ve stayed out in the sun too long.

Here’s the latest some “research economists” quoted by the Christian Science Monitor believe the U. S. economy is headed downward because there are fewer arrests of illegal aliens.

You’ll have to click through to see the purported associations between border arrests and the economy, but here’s the gist of it.

“About a year before a recession, or a down cycle, there was a slowdown in the number of arrests” on the border, she said, according to the Monitor report.

Since new illegal immigrants hold some of the economy’s most marginal jobs – the first to be left unfilled in a slowdown – when jobs are scarce, word quickly filters out to would-be immigrants.

“Because it is difficult and dangerous to cross the border, they’re not going to come unless they have a job lined up,” McLaren said. “If they get a call from someone saying it’s a good time to come, they do. If the caller says wait for the times to get better, they do that.”

Indeed, if she is correct in her theory, said McLaren, bad economic news is on the horizon. U.S. border officials are capturing fewer illegal immigrants – 30 percent fewer for the first quarter of this year compared with the same period a year ago.

What’s your opinion?

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