What Price Are You Willing To Pay For Work At Home Success?

May 2, 2007 by Chuck | 0 Comments

This issue of the Nettle (you can download it for free via this link) has an article by Dan Moses on “Do You Have A ‘Whatever It Takes’ Attitude?”

In it he talks about what it takes to get success.

I wonder if you’d agree with him?

People who are willing to do whatever it takes consist of the 5% who have a successful business and at one point in their life have lost or come close to losing everything they had before they became successful.

Ask any successful business owner and they will be able to share with you their terrible stories of sleeping in their car, or losing their house or even getting a divorce and losing their family.
It seems that they all have some sad story where they were at their
lowest point, but just wouldn’t give up. Eventually it paid off for them
and today these people are some of the wealthiest and happiest
people in the world.

The question is… what goal is worth risking everything for? For some it’s business success. For others it’s keeping their family together or trying. Others risk their life for something outside them. The difference between business success and other successes means choosing what the “what” is. Very thought provoking. 

Read the article here

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