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  • Feds Use Identity Theft Laws To Jail Spammer

    You know how people steal your email address and then send out spam under your email address as the bogus “reply to” address? They caught one of the world’s Top 10 Spammers because doing this, the feds decided, was “identity theft”. You can read about it on MSNBC They claim that putting this guy away [...]

  • Fear of Lawsuits Stifles Small Business

    According to the Cincinnati Business Journal, the costs of lawsuits has risen to $98 billion a year. Though there’s legislation before Congress to protect unwitting merchants who don’t knowingly sell faulty products, the legistlators owend lock, stock, and barrell by the “keep trial lawyers fed and manicured” lobby in Washington keeps business owners worrying. Fear of [...]

  • Ebay Updates Affiliate Program

    US Ebay Affiliates take note of the following changes that take place starting at midnight June 1. It will be nice to be paid $25 per active registration. This means that new people who register with ebay will only trigger a commission if they bid within a certain time frame. I wonder how many people [...]

  • Want To Advertise On The Business Opportunities Newsletter?

    Dane has done a great job upgrading the Business Opportunities Network ezine. Unlike most “ezines” people sign up for and don’t care enough about to unsubscribe once it starts clogging their email box, Dane makes sure that every week one of the readers gets a great paper-and-ink book (not just a cheesy free ebook) on [...]

  • Work At Home Moms Find “Their Space”

    When work at home moms want social networking, they’re not turning to MySpace… they’re turning to MomMeTv according to Social Computing Magazine. “I’m a work-at-home mom and I know that hearing other moms’ advice and stories have really helped me be a happier more well informed parent. I am convinced that Internet television is our future [...]

  • Google’s Privacy Policy Too Vague Attorney Says

    The BBC is reporting that Google’s privacy policy is too vague and that grave concerns about Google having too much private data to divulge if the price is right. Google’s privacy policy has come under scrutiny in recent weeks. A working party of European Information Commissioners has written to Google to ask the firm to [...]

  • 16 Opportunities To Get Published Without Writing A Book

    A while back I wrote about how to get the publicity of being in a book without actually writing a book. Here are 16 opportunities for you. Dan Poynter has sent me a list of authors currently seeking illustrations, stories, and other material for their books to give them the “human touch”. If your story fits, [...]

  • How To Make Money Twice The Money With Online Videos

    The latest news is that YouTube is going to pay folks for their videos… some day. Maybe you’ll make 5 cents. But if you’re wanting to make online videos and make some money from them both up front and on a residual basis, you want to be working with Associated Content. If you have a [...]

  • Get Custom TV Spots For Your Real Estate Business

    One of my readers told me about after I mentioned putting your small business on TV. This site and their sister site look like interesting options. As always please do your own due diligence before entrusting your money to someone online. Here’s what they have to say about their service. offers up-front pricing [...]

  • Using SRDS to Identify and Market to Unique Marketing Niches

    Here’s another article on using the SRDS to identify unique marketing niches. It finally published. Keyword searches online only tell you how many people search for a particular term. They’re no guarantee they’ll ever see your advertisement. Mailing lists give you the number of interested people and the way to reach them, i.e. a postcard [...]