At the Low Auction Wins!

April 29, 2007 by Chuck | 0 Comments

At the Low Auction Wins! Pictured here is one of the prizes they’re auctioning off to the lowest bidder. The EXACT lowest bidder wins. No half pennies accepted… I guess.

I’m showing you the cool Toyota Scion that’s a prize right now, but people are also bidding on things like Dell XPS 700’s, Playstation 3’s, and PLASMA TV’s too. (I’d bid on the Scion, but being 6’5” I think I’d use too much WD-40 getting in and out of it if I won… but who knows?)

Here’s how you get your chance to low bid.

1. You become a member of bid4prizes through a simple sign up link.
2. You then select your favorite prize and text message the keyword and bid amount. You’ll be immediately told if it’s a winning bid and you get a chance to bid lower.

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