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March 29, 2007 by Chuck | 1 Comment

Update:  Upon further review of the material in “The Secret”, it seems to be just more of the old recycled “Positive Thinking”  baloney from  years gone by.  I don’t recommend the book OR the  outrageously priced course.

Had you heard about “The Secret” DVD? It’s not much of a secret since it’s been on shows like Oprah and mentioned at length in Time Magazine. Since March 2006 alone it’s sold over half a million copies. The reason for it’s popularity? It’s on the “science” of getting rich.
Now the sequel has launched. It’s the official seminar for “The Secret” and it’s affiliate program. Let me give you the link for you to check out and tell you a bit more about it: Here’s the link: Official Site: The Secret Science of Getting Rich and it’s called “The Secret Science of Getting Rich”.

While you may have your own questions about whether “getting rich” (whatever that may mean to you) is a “science” or not… certainly the presenters (including Jack Canfield the “Chicken Soup for just about anything”) have proven experience in marketing.

If you liked what you purchased through Amazon as a book or DVD, then this may be just the extra material you were looking for even if they buy in is a bit hefty at $1,995.

If you love the material though and believe in it, you may be able to cover your costs through participating in the affiliate program. It pays out $750 over two levels. $500 to fist level affiliates and $250 to those recruiting them. This may prove to be a wildly popular affiliate program. It will be interesting to see the special freebies bundled together to help persuade people to participate. But… that always means interesting offers from marketers and shows some of the genius of the online marketing community to add value to unique offers!

Note: This is a sponsored post to announce this new service for your consideration and to allow you to conduct your own due diligence..

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  • Tushar on March 30th, 2007 at 11:51 am

    I really dont get it. Isnt their ideology that you need to visualise/dream your future , for it to happen/
    So what is there to really sell in this ?

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