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Here’s some good advice… look for a job that could be done at home not specifically advertised as “work at home jobs”. Here’s what “DuckyDuck” had to say about landing that work at home job!

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How did you get started working from home? – Easy. It was pure dumb luck. In 2000, I was working for a large communications company in Atlanta and it was a “regular” job. I’d drive from my home in Smyrna to my office in north Atlanta, maybe a total of 12 miles one way, but could be one HOUR easily in drive time. I had been at work with my company for almost two years. However, the lovely MrsDuck, also working in an Atlanta-area company, had received word that their division was being closed and her job eliminated. So we did what we always did – PANIC! No, no, just kidding. She looked for a company in the upper Midwest to work for and it was going to be in the North Chicago suburbs. At first I thought I’d have to quit my job immediately. However, that was not the case. My “team” was short on personnel due to a couple key players leaving and one going on permanent disability. So my boss asked me if I could take his laptop and dial in from home “until I found a new job”. He was very easy going and very permissive, but the key thing was that we were WAY overloaded with work and keeping me around, even for a few more months, would still help him. However, what happened was that I dialed in from our new home in Illinois and I kept up with the work that I usually did…and this impressed my boss to suggest “why not just keep doing what’s your doing and stay with the company?” So that’s how it started. I did NOT explicitly started working from home because I sought a “work from home” job. The work from home job found me.

If I find a work from home job, I can “work” and watch TV, and/or clean house, or surf the web, right? – Only if you know you can accomplish that much. I have to keep a certain level of productivity and responsiveness at work. Do I have time to surf? Sometimes. Can I start a load of laundry and maybe get that done over the work day? Maybe. As for TV, I intentionally DON’T have a TV in my home office as I know that would be WAY TOO distracting for me. My boss’s honest opinion is that if I can do everything that’s expected from me every day, he doesn’t mind what else goes on in my house while I’m doing it.

I can work in my pajamas, right? – Sure. If your idea of “working at home” apparel happens to be a pair of Depends, a set of Mickey Mouse ears, kneepads, and flaming pink bunny slippers, then fine. (We don’t do video teleconferencing, so I don’t have to worry about that…) Honestly, you just wear whatever you are most comfortable for wearing at your desk at home. I mostly work in t-shirts and either sweatpants or athletic shorts. It IS indeed cheaper than having to wear suits, dresses, makeup, or other more formal clothing. Some “work at home” articles suggest that you “dress up” to work at home, so that you feel more professional. Yeah, right…spppppt! Dressing in your dingiest scruffy, but comfortable, clothes is far cheaper and more comfortable. I haven’t bought pants in four years.

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