Another Reason Health Care Is A Barrier To Self Employment

February 22, 2007 by Chuck | 0 Comments

I didn’t post yesterday because I was in bed sick.

I started coming down with something that I noticed Sunday PM.

I had an appointment with my physician for Monday anyway. I went there, got some prescriptions for this bug I have and am hopefully on the mend.

But while I was there, I asked if he thought I needed any blood work… the routine kind I kept hearing about.

He said they didn’t really do “preventative” blood work any more, at least that’s how I took it. Everything had to be accompanied by a “diagnosis”.

But depending on what is “diagnosed” if you ever need to buy private health insurance, these records can come back to haunt you. Some people at a local plant found that out during a layoff when they were told they’d need to pay $1800 per month for private health insurance. Their unemployment was slightly over $1000 per month!

Maybe that’s good. Another M.D. told me something similar. He said that all the statin drugs they prescribe are just liver poison and he suggested people take niacin instead. It doesn’t show up on your record if you need to buy health insurance and it worked as well without poisoning your liver.

Bottom line: If you want self employment, you not only have to look at the viability of the business, but how or if you’ll be able to get health insurance.

Given the price consciousness of the insurance companies, I really don’t see how nationalizing the system is going to help at all. Big Insurance and Big Government are two peas in the same pod.

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