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January 16, 2007 by Chuck | 1 Comment

I ran across some interesting SEO information… I knew some of it but some of you folks trying to make your own sites and avoid the Search Engine Optimization scams and fads might like Matt Cutt’s blog. Here’s some of the information they put out, this one’s on long term strategies for Search Engine Optimization. One thing I learned is that if you have a site that “went bad” for any reason and got axed by Google… just start over. You may be able to keep it limping along making a few bucks, but it could just be better to start over. Google knows no forgiveness and if you’ve tried to undo a problem, you know you never hear back from them. As I read it, in reinforces the value of a good blog that’s developed by regular posting over time. That’s hard to “fake” and that’s what search engine snoops are looking for… fakes.
I’m also looking forward to seeing how they develop information for folks who want to work at home too.

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