What To Do About Negative Online Publicity

November 8, 2006 by Chuck | 0 Comments

According to StartUpJournal.com, one Washington DC retaurant owner found themselves being trashed on the Washington Post website. Because major newspapers are increasing the amount of “citizen journalism” to boost online readership, this is more likely to happen for any business “serving the public”.

One restaurant started receiving a wave of bad comments suddenly.

Not only were the stories false or idiotic, they were – most likely – not from customers at all. Instead they had the fingerprints of a disgruntled former employee and were hurting the restaurant’s overall rating.

Though there was an online “removal request”, the best thing was direct contact.

He got on the phone and told them “Hey, these are phony!”

The lession? If the website has a phone number and you want immediate action, call.

Or email directly. Online forms may never be dealt with promptly.

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