Archive for November 3rd, 2006

  • Sell With Your Strengths

    I recently ran across a unique assessment tool that’s free when you buy one of the books that teaches you how to interpret and apply it. The assessment is the Clifton Strengths Finder at but – again – you can’t take the assessment without getting the free access code from one of the books [...]

  • Top 10 States For Small Business

    Forbes Small Business released rankings from the Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council about the survival rates of small businesses in various states. The report which is 40 pages listed the best and worst states for small business based on tax rates and government policies (meddling). Actually it was based on 29 criteria, including tax rates [...]

  • Demand For Fake Priests Presents Business Opportunity

    The BBC reports that the demand for people to pose as priests to conduct Christian-style wedding in Japan is booming. The fake priests say it pays better than teaching English as a foreign language. “Being a fake priest is big business in Japan – I’ve done a TV commercial for one company,” he added. “In [...]