Bloggers: Who Are They?

October 26, 2006 by Chuck | 0 Comments

The Pew Charitable Trusts conducted research to define who bloggers are. There’s alot more to the report of course, but, in summary this is what bloggers said they write about.

Most bloggers say they cover a lot of different topics, but when asked to choose one main topic, 37 percent of bloggers cite “my life and experiences� as a primary topic of their blog. Politics and government ran a very distant second with 11 percent of bloggers citing those issues of public life as the main subject of their blog. Entertainment-related topics were the next most popular blog-type, with 7 percent of bloggers, followed by sports (6 percent), general news and current events (5 percent), business (5 percent), technology (4 percent), religion, spirituality or faith (2 percent), a specific hobby or a health problem or illness (each comprising 1 percent of bloggers). Other topics mentioned include opinions, volunteering, education, photography, causes and passions, and organizations.

You can read the whole report Bloggers: A Portrait of the Internet’s New Storytellers here.

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