Archive for October 23rd, 2006

  • Enter Home Office From Hell Contest

    Is your home business growing like a weed? Do you really wish you had your own office but the monthly expense of rent makes you wince? How would you like to win 12 months free rent on an office to run your business? This might be your lucky day! Just visit and enter your Top [...]

  • – Voice Talent For Hire

    Need a top notch vocal talent to do voice overs for your next project? Whether you’re creating a “talking sales letter” for your website, want a professional voice to serve as an announcer or interviewer for your pod cast (so you can be the “expert”) this resource may be just what you’re looking for. Vocal [...]

  • Generic Drug Price War Lowers Health Care Costs

    It seems like the free market wasn’t working any more when it came to the health care market. Everyone seemed content to take in their handsome profits while prices continued to soar. That’s still true of prescription drugs that have no generic equivalents though “free prescription” programs so big pharma’s fears of regulation. But Wal [...]

  • Want A Cha Cha Invite?

    A friend of mine has some Cha Cha invites. Cha Cha is the human directed search engine that pays guides to search for particular requests. If you’re fast and know your topic, you could earn a pretty good hourly rate. If you’ll email me, I’ll pass them along. You must email me and tell me [...]

  • Growing Religious PR Firm Uses Telecommuting Model

    USA Religious News reports that WDC Media is gaining the lion’s share of the Christian PR Business without the traditional overhead of big corporations. They use a telecommuting model described this way: Unlike many public relations and media firms, WDC media has taken a road less traveled on its path to success–No fancy corporate offices, [...]