No Virginia The Wealthy AREN’T The Capitalists

October 13, 2006 by Chuck | 0 Comments

Dear Virginia,

After writing you to say “Yes, Virginia there IS a Santa Claus,” I would now like to write you and tell you there are also many “Grinches”.

You probably have been taught in school that wealth goes along with Capitalism.

But sadly, Virginia, this is not the case.

Capitalism is about serving the most people, in the most efficient way, to better the most lives while bettering the servant’s life too.

It can lead to wealth in the sense of savings far beyond what’s need for one’s “daily bread” but it doesn’t always mean that.

In fact many wealthy people have never served anyone in their lives… except perhaps themselves.

And improving the lives of others is not something really on their agenda in any practical way like in a business or at a soup kitchen for the poor, though you might confuse the fashion shows called “charity fund raisers” with “caring”. At least they hope you will.

No Virginia, many wealthy people got that way by having ancestors who perhaps were servants in the capitalistic sense and clever enough to keep their money out of the hands of the tax man to pass along to heirs who assumed their money meant that their increasingly skewed view of the world actually was important.

They’re the kind of people won’t pay the maid’s Social Security taxes but who’ll spend money on a $500 per hour lawyer to keep Starbucks out of the neighborhood.

And then when they’re city “officials” (read “lackeys”) in Palm Beach, FL did allow that business to open over the wailing the wailing of the rich-who-never-served-anybody until a law could be passed to ban any other “formula restaurants”, the  business still has to pay unheard of fees… like $15,000 per year to fund a police officer to conduct traffic two hours per day.

They also have to offer validated valet parking too. And, of course, they must limit their business hours too lest some lower class person sneak to the privileged part of town to have a midnight mocha.

No Virginia, this isn’t Capitalism, these and other incidents of burdensome regulation and theft by eminent domain are just more Socialism, or Welfare for the Rich.

So Virginia, while, yes, there is a Santa Claus, there are even more Grinches. Please keep this in mind when watching the news. True Capitalists provide services to the masses and better the lives of ordinary people, not just themselves. The people you read about in these articles who use lawyers to pillage and steal are socialists and will never earn the privileged title of Capitalist.

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