4 Ways To Innovate Circles Around Your Competition

October 12, 2006 by Chuck | 0 Comments

From Start Up Nation

1. Ask more questions.

2. Realize that innovation involves eliminating customer sacrifice.

3. Here’s an example from the article:

For example, let’s look at health care in America. The number one customer sacrifice is waiting — waiting to get appointments, waiting in the lobby. Along comes a company called The Minute Clinic, which was recently bought by CVS Pharmacies. Their slogan is “You’re sick – We’re quick.? No appointment necessary. Walk into the clinic, housed conveniently at the CVS drugstore, and within 15 minutes you’ll see a nurse-practitioner. This is breaking the mold of the traditional healthcare model. How? By eliminating a customer sacrifice.

4. Train yourself to be more innovative by thinking of multiple solutions to the obstacles in front of you and not stopping just at the first “possible” answer.

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